Tips and resources to help you reunite with your pet.

Double check your pet’s microchip information is up to date. You pet’s microchip may be scanned at a veterinarian clinic, an animal shelter, or by an Animal Care Officer.

Report your missing pet and search for a match on platforms where shelters and neighbors post found pets.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors to help you search around for your pet. Speak with neighbors and anyone else in the area who might know if they have seen your pet.

Visit our Devore and Big Bear Lake Animal Shelter, and other nearby humane societies, and/or shelters* daily to look for your pet and monitor found reports online.

Please check if you are in our area of service or find surrounding shelters near you:

Walk or drive around the area where you lost the pet and hang LOST pet signs.

Share details on social platforms, including your local lost and found pets Facebook group.

Pet Search Tool

*Shelter search tip: Please inform the shelter you are searching for your lost pet. Your pet may be in quarantine (the medical area) or may have been sent to an animal hospital. Within 1 hour of pets coming to Devore and Big Bear Lake Animal Shelter, photos of lost pets are uploaded on the website. If you don’t see your pet, don’t give up, keep checking.