San Bernardino County Animal Care Volunteer Program

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our Animal Care Volunteer Program! Well over 100 applications have poured in, showcasing your incredible dedication to our cause. While we’re thrilled about this response, please bear with us as we carefully process each application. Please continue to stay connected via our website and social media for updates. Your support is appreciated.

Two Animal Care volunteers are seen holding a baby goat in each of their arms

Volunteer Requirements

  • checked18 years of age or older
  • checkedWilling to commit to at least 9 hours each month
  • checkedComplete the volunteer application (including: an interview, background check, and orientation)

Volunteer Interviews

Once your application is received by the Animal Care Team and the Volunteer Program Coordinator, a 15-minute phone interview will be arranged.

We currently only have a limited number of volunteer slots available. We plan to continue to expand the volunteer program. Some applicants may be placed on a waitlist until a slot opens or capacity expands to accept more volunteers. Thank you for understanding.

Volunteer Onboarding and Orientation

Once the interview is completed, if both parties decide this is a good fit, you will receive additional information on completing a background check.

After your background check is processed, you will receive an email with the volunteer manual and current dress code. The dates and times for orientation and safety training will be provided at that time.

We are currently offering an Animal Care Volunteer orientation and safety training twice per month. Once on a weekday and once on a weekend. You must attend one of the orientations before your volunteer hours may begin. A badge with “volunteer” will be given to all volunteers at this orientation. Please wear this badge when volunteering.

NOTE: If you are unable to attend orientation and safety training in-person after two consecutive months due to scheduling or other conflicts, please reach out to the Animal Care Volunteer Coordinator directly for an accommodated option.

Volunteer Hours and Commitment

  • 2-hour increments between the hours of 7:30 AM to 6 PM. Accommodations will be made as needed for hours.
  • A minimum of 9 hours a month is required; however, a volunteer can do more! You cannot exceed 8 hours in one day.
  • Once you complete the onboarding process and are an approved volunteer, a t-shirt will be provided to you at orientation.
  • Please scan the QR code at the front counter to sign in and out of our scheduling system, Volunteer Hub.
  • Each volunteer will be assigned a mentor or one-on-one Animal Care Staff for the duration of their volunteer hours. These assigned staff members may be different depending on the day. Thank you in advance for your flexibility.
  • A wide variety of tasks will be available to the volunteers and the Animal Care Team will work to allow for opportunity in your specific interests or skillset.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers make a big difference for the animals who stay with us. We welcome your ideas and contribution!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many great reasons to volunteer. Meet new people, experience the satisfaction of community service, develop new skills, acquire work experience for future endeavors, and most of all help us save, care for, love, and find homes for pets in need.

Devore Animal Shelter
19777 Shelter Way, San Bernardino, CA 92407


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
10 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

We encourage you to review our Animal Care website to learn more about our program and service areas.

Other helpful resources are:

Yes! We will provide an hour verification certificate for academic programs. Please remember to sign-in and sign-out for each volunteer shift. This will help us keep track of your hours for the certificate.

We are grateful you signed up. If Animal Care is not a good fit, we encourage you to look at other Public Health volunteer or internship opportunities. We welcome you to come back and join us again as a volunteer anytime that may be best for you. We can place your completed application on hold for at least one year. After one year, you will need to re-complete the application, interview, and background process.

Absolutely, we are able to accommodate individuals with all physical or other ability levels. We encourage you to sign up and we will find an opportunity that fits your strengths. 

Yes, the Animals aRe First Fund (ARFF) sponsors free or low cost adoptions, spay/neutering, microchipping and more.

To donate, please visit: Animals aRe First Fund (

Our goal for 2024 is to raise more than $100,000 to help animals in need. Help us achieve that goal!

We appreciate all ages visiting our shelters. We currently do not have a volunteer program for individuals under 18 years of age; however, we encourage you to check back with us at a later time. The future is bright with opportunity.