Marilyn was looking to add a new dog to her family, after her previous beloved Boxer passed away. She came to Devore Animal Shelter to look around, not expecting to find another Boxer. The very first dog she saw was 4-year-old Rex and he immediately turned towards her to say hello. It was a match! Rex got a new home with lot of love and attention as all the family dotes on him. The same day they got a new kitten named Daisy and they are great pals. Daisy likes to jump on Rex’s back. Marilyn has two 4 year old granddaughters, Andy and Penny and Rex is as tolerant as they come, just perfect with the girls. According to Andy, “Rex is a good boy” and Penny said, “He gives me lots of kisses and licks me.” The girls hang on him and love him and Rex is one spoiled pooch.