Girl with 2 small dogs

It’s hard to lose your best friend.  It’s even harder to lose your baby.  That’s what the Briseno family was feeling when their 13 year old Chihuahua “Peanut” passed after running away due to fireworks.  Their other pet, Lola, was depressed over the loss.  So the family visited the Devore Animal Shelter and found Harry to comfort their hearts.  Connie confessed “I’ve never been a dog person, but Harry’s made me into one.  He’s always by my side…even now.”  After Harry, the family felt they had room for one more four-legged friend.  So the family went back to the Devore Animal Shelter where they found a spry black terrier named “Shorty.”  Connie shared “All the staff are amazing and really do a wonderful job of caring for all the animals.  The people there really understood our situation.”  Lola is adjusting now.  Shorty really keeps her busy.  Harry and Shorty have become wonderful additions to the Briseno family.