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Christina is a work at home realtor that lives with her dog Gracie. She adopted Gracie from a shelter and loves her dearly, but Gracie doesn’t like to cuddle and be petted. After several months of the COVID lockdown and social isolation, Christina decided she wanted a cuddly companion. She

It’s hard to lose your best friend.  It’s even harder to lose your baby.  That’s what the Briseno family was feeling when their 13 year old Chihuahua “Peanut” passed after running away due to fireworks.  Their other pet, Lola, was depressed over the loss.  So the family visited the Devore

Marilyn was looking to add a new dog to her family, after her previous beloved Boxer passed away. She came to Devore Animal Shelter to look around, not expecting to find another Boxer. The very first dog she saw was 4-year-old Rex and he immediately turned towards her to say

Haylie wanted to give her Pomeranian, Chuck a companion to keep him company while she and her husband were at work. They went to Devore Animal Shelter to look around and saw a beautiful brindle Retriever mix that was very excited to play with them. Needless to say, they fell