Animal Laws and Citations

It depends. Generally, residential areas of the unincorporated parts of the County allow 2 cats and/or 2 dogs, but it depends on your property’s zoning. Contact Land Use Services to determine your zoning. Our contract cities, Big Bear Lake, Highland & Yucaipa each have their own ordinance.

How many pets can I own?

The 1st step is to call us and report the noise. We will notify the owner and provide them with a Courtesy Abatement Letter and give them 2 weeks to abate the noise. See Animal Laws.

Yes. County Code prohibits habitual nuisance animal noise (barking dogs, crowing roosters, squawking parrots, etc.) from residential properties. See Animal Laws.

All Pit Bull and Pit Bull type dogs are required to be spay or neutered.

All dogs over 4 months old are required to be licensed.

Service dogs are trained to do a specific task or behavior to assist a person with a disability. An emotional support animal provides emotional support and comfort to people.

Information on how to resolve a citation is on the back citation and on our website.